Canastilla sizes

Differences in sizes

  • Small: Ideal for budget-conscious shoppers, this compact gift basket includes essential items every new parent needs, such as a pacifier holder and baby muslin. It's a thoughtful, practical gift without overwhelming the recipient.

  • Medium: This size steps up the offerings for a more comprehensive gift. It includes everything from the Small basket plus extra essential items like a teether, making it perfect for those who want to give a bit more to support the new parents.

  • Large: The Large basket caters to those who want to cover all bases. It includes all the items from the Medium basket and adds even more essentials, ensuring the new parents have everything they need for their baby's early days.

  • Extra Large: Designed for those who want to make a grand gesture, this basket includes all items from the Large basket with additional quantities of key products like the nursing cloth. It's the ultimate gift for special occasions, ensuring parents have ample supplies of everything they might need.