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Muslin bathing coat

Super absorbent, soft and extra large. This is Mimuselina's bath coat. It is innovative because it uses 100% cotton muslin fabric in a drying layer. It is the first that does not use the classic curl and the results are unbeatable. Made with multiple layers, the bathing layer becomes smoother with use and washes.

Enjoy and make the little ones enjoy the moment of the bath. Collect them, tighten them when they are wet and dry them with the best of the protections for your skin. It is also super comfortable and practical because of its extra large size, your baby will be completely covered. There are two measures, the large 1x1m and the super, 1.2x1.2m. So you can use them not only when they are babies, also when they are older.

Another advantage, besides its proportions, is the rubber located at the opposite end of the hood, so that the mom or dad can have it hanging from the neck and have their hands free to hold and take the slippery baby

25,95 € tax incl.

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    • Average Grade : 5 /5
    • Belen C.
    •  the 23/11/2017
    • 5/5
    Resultó perfecto
    • Lorena M.
    •  the 22/11/2017
    • 5/5
    Un gran descubrimiento, pensando en adquirir otra para la pequeña!!!
    • Vanessa B.
    •  the 16/11/2017
    • 5/5
    Me encanta! Es suave, seca rapido y es grande, vamos que me vale hasta los 18 😂😂
    • Yolanda L.
    •  the 16/11/2017
    • 5/5
    • Yolanda A.
    •  the 16/11/2017
    • 5/5
    Muy suave
    • Montserrat M.
    •  the 16/11/2017
    • 5/5
    Me gusta mucho
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