Mimuselinas are designed with the perfect size to be really versatile for your baby’s needs and also for you as a parent.

Mimuselinas are 100% cotton. They are perfect for chilly summer nights but also to go for long walks through the park since it will protect your baby from the wind, the cold and even the sun and mosquitoes.


Usos de MiMuselina

Among Mimuselinas many uses, they can perform as a receiving blanket, and are very useful stuffed in your baby stroller in summer days, as they are 100% breathable they will prevent your baby´s sweat. Mimuselinas can be also used on the plastic changing table or even in a public bathroom.

It can also be very helpful at lunchtime, in case you breast-feed your baby Mimuselina will allow you to do it in the most classy and discreet way, even in public, by covering your neck and breast with the cloth. Not only this, but also when you bottle-feed your baby, it may serve as a cloth to put it over your shoulder while safely and easily burping your baby.

And if some day you forget the bib at home, just fold in half the mimuselina into a triangle and tie it around her/his neck like cowboys and it will serve you like a makeshift cool bib.

You can also turn it into a floor blanket for the baby when she/he is playing on the floor or what the Americans call "tummy time", which is when the baby plays while strengthens back and neck muscles.

And these are just a few uses of mimuselina, I occasionally keep discovering new ways to use them! We will be sharing more uses and tips on Facebook, Twitter and in our blog.

Mimuselina are a MOMMY MUST.





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