Payment methods

We inform you of the methods of payment for the products :

Bank transfer to the following bank account BBVA : 0182-1649-23-0201546235

If you prefer to pay for your purchase by bank transfer, you must follow these steps :

- Start your shopping on the web adding to your basket the products you want to purchase. When you're ready , check the list and click " pay " .

- A screen where the order number and payment shown will appear. Choose " Bank Transfer " option.

- You will receive an email with your order number , the total amount of the purchase and the bank account number in which you must make the transfer.

- Upon transfer , you must indicate the order number as " Concept " and enter the exact amount of your purchase in your account.

- Once we receive the deposit in our account , we will process the order. This process can take from 2 to 3 days depending on the speed with which the bank to manage the transaction, MIMUSELINA dependent . For this reason , we recommend paying by credit card.

IMPORTANT : The fees charged by the bank for you to enter or transfer not discounted price , you must pay them the customer.

Payment by Credit Card Through the Virtual POS quickly, easily and safely. It is the payment system that we recommend using . Why?

- It's faster and more convenient : only need to hand your card.

- We accept most credit and debit cards in the market.

- No need to pay additional fees or costs for your purchase .

- Payment is completely secure : the encrypted information is transmitted from your computer to the bank that handles the transaction . In MIMUSELINA never see your card number or store this information.

- Automatic cancellation : if any incident occurs during card purchase , the transaction is canceled and you do not charge anything .



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