Through MIMUSELINA navigation , you can visit the various products displayed and add them to your shopping cart. At any time you can review your cart remove items or change quantities .

When you end up visiting the store and decides to make an order, a page where it will ask for your email address and password if already a customer of our store displays. If it is not an option for registering your details appear . All information you add will remain confidential and will only be used to follow the order. Optionally you can request permission to add your email to our newsletter , which will inform you timely news appearing in our store.

Once completed your personal details you the option to choose payment appear (currently available only bank transfer or credit card )

Completed these screens will prompt order confirmation and data. While not click "OK" in this last screen, your order will not be processed . Once you click accept, the order will be added to our list and we will send you a confirmation email where an address where you can follow the process of your order will be added.


Due to the nature of our business, it is possible that the prices reflected on the website does not match the actual price of the product , either by stocking issues or typographical errors . The customer will be informed as soon as possible of this fact, if it were to occur. Although MIMUSELINA , in an effort to give their customers the best service , always try to have the updated data as possible




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